Discipline is our
most valuable asset

Our lifelong commitment is to act in our investors’ best interest.


Measured input, measurable outcome

As a firm active across ownership, operations and investment, we view opportunity along the Ultra Long Term.

Rather than gamble against the market, we design our portfolio positions to outlive the up-down cycle.

From leadership to our field team, every action contributes to financial security, asset stability, tenant loyalty, and performance consistency.

Foundations under each deal:

Decision by data

Neighborhoods rise and fall. Hot pockets cool off. But when we invest, we plan on staying. So we are far more concerned with why a deal works than with what works at the moment. We draw at least as much historical data as future projections.

Appreciation is extra

We insist on assets and equity structures that produce income from day one under MSM ownership. While value appreciation favors long-term holding, we never factor that into underwriting: If we must sell an asset to profit, we don’t buy it in the first place.

Investors are owners

Our partners enjoy a warm, personal relationship with the team. No dollar or deal is treated like other people’s money. Instead, we actively manage it every day—even between deals—to give it the strongest growth advantage.

Tenants are assets

It is our firm belief that those who care about performance care about people. Knowing that our landlordship will last decades, we use a high-touch, high-tech tenant engagement and retention strategy. To this day, all assets are managed in house by real estate veterans.

Our discipline,
in action:


proven consistent
and effective across
market cycles


with extreme process
orientation throughout
all operations

No hurried

on any property,
despite reviewing
incoming offers

You know all
the facts

At MSM Equities, nothing trumps the truth. We are transparent to a fault, so you get:
The good, the bad and the ugly data
Clear, open, direct communication
Photo, video and other visual insights
Monthly reports in simple English
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