A real estate
firm with
a firm grip on reality

MSM Equities invests in real, clear value with a unique ability to identify opportunity.

Data driven model

Data driven model to invest only in the most stable yet valuable sectors (currently: office and warehouse)

Annualized returns

Target annualized return to our investors, with the lowest risk exposure of any available investment vehicle

long-term asset appreciation

Expected long-term asset appreciation through creative tenanting and other value-add programs

“But I can make
15-18% every year!”

Some investors claim they could beat our healthy yet conservative 8-12% yield with other investments. So we did the math:

Invest $100,000 at age 25
Add $100,000 each year
Compound at 15% annually
Cash it all out at age 80

You would have $1,888,239,226.06, or nearly $1.9 billion. So why doesn’t anyone have that portfolio? Three simple truths:

1 Very few have the discipline to save a big portion of their income every year
2 Between ages 25 and 80, most people change their strategy, creating new risk, loss and setback
3 Nobody has ever made 15% on their entire investment every single year

The MSM approach:

Endurance running,
not home runs

We are far more concerned with protecting our investors’ downside than trying to stretch the yield by another percent. Over any period measured in decades, the slow and steady approach has always outperformed funds that swing for the fences.

We continually review and adjust our market and/or class focus. Over the past few years, the residential market has been in an upcycle, while retail presented its own dangers. So MSM focused on office, warehouse and flex properties, because that’s where the value lives right now

Current criteria:

Class A
Commercial/ Industrial
85%+ Turnkey
Tristate Territories
25%+ Equity

What others call radical transparency, we see as the basis for communication.

When you’re an MSM investor, there’s nothing we know that you do not. That’s not just a promise, it’s a fact of our existence.

In our book, the investment relationship only works if you sleep well knowing you entrusted your money in the right hands. Every minute of every day, we work to earn your trust that we will act responsibly with your money; that we will share every morsel of data with you; that we will do everything in our power to secure your equity and yield; and that we will always act with honor and integrity on your behalf—with assets, tenants and you.

Clear, open, direct communication
Photo, video and other visual insights
The good, the bad and the ugly data
Detailed monthly reports in simple English
Timely updates on financial, legal,
environmental, tenant and market news
24/7 access to all our data—no need to ask
The whole truth, and nothing but—always
1:1 communication with our leadership members


The bottom line starts at the top

Our company culture is an extension of the
core values of our visionary leadership team:


Founder & CEO
Moishe Samet serves as Head of Strategy & Vision at MSM Equities, leading the firm’s larger investment direction. Read more

A serial entrepreneur across multiple financial services verticals, he is celebrated for his keen grasp of investment philosophy and legendary discipline. He is often sought out by leaders and company boards to lend his financial intelligence and business insights.

Moishe’s ability to read deeper than the balance sheet empowers MSM to truly understand a property’s historic and future value and investment potential.

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Co-founder & COO
Ari Flohr acts as Head of Operations & Integration at MSM Equities, spearheading the firm’s cross-functional activities. Read more

He is credited with developing new formats of accountability, communications, transparency and data sharing, all leading to tangible gains in investor peace of mind and perpetual loyalty.

Ari’s extreme process orientation is part of MSM’s operational code: his love for building self-sufficient microteams creates laser-like focus on individual portfolios, so every asset gets the attention and care it deserves.

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Igor Derbaremdiker

Chief Investment Officer
Igor Derbaremdiker is MSM’s latest partner and Chief Investment Officer. Read more
He creates, implements, and guides the firm’s investment strategy and acquisitions across US markets.
Igor’s impressive list of accolades spans 20+ years of CRE and financial services experience across portfolio management, acquisitions, and dispositions. Throughout that tenure, he served as investment director and portfolio manager at The Hampshire Companies, one of New Jersey’s leading CRE owners, operators, and developers.
He is also credited with creating core, value-add, and development strategies on assets across industrial, office, and retail, and spearheading $2 billion of investment properties across the US. In the past, Igor also held positions at JP Morgan’s Investment Banking division, GE Real Estate, Brookfield Properties, and The Davis Companies, and worked in the Middle East for a prominent sovereign wealth fund.
Igor holds an MBA and MS in real estate from Cornell University, and a BA in economics from New York University. At MSM, he leads all executive transaction functions, including all activities related to joint venture relationships and partnership structures.
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Amy Sole

Head of Asset Management & Operations
Amy Sole is an experienced, comprehensive-based real estate executive with a demonstrated history of over 25 years of success implementing portfolio strategies, while focusing on the value enhancement of each individual asset. Read more
She is skilled in extensive transactional execution in all real estate sectors in urban and suburban asset types, including multi-family, industrial, retail and office buildings. Amy’s experience has encompassed all aspects of acquisitions/dispositions, debt restructures, investor relations, conversions as well as asset management with a specialty in repositioning build-to-core and distressed assets.
Ms. Sole is a skilled leader building corporate strategies as well as team and business development. Most recently she was a Managing Director and Head of the New York City office for EMMES Asset Management Company Limited, LLC, a private real estate investment, management and redevelopment firm that focuses on principal investment, fund management, and asset/property level services.

Previously to joining EMMES, Amy was the Vice President of Asset Management and Investor Relations for Vision Equities, LLC and Vision Real Estate Partners, LLC, both real estate investment and development firms that primarily focus on acquisitions and development along the eastern seaboard.

Prior to Vision Real Estate Partners, Amy spent over 12 years at EMMES Asset Management Company, LLC, concentrating on acquisitions and asset management of several portfolios across the United States.

She holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Philadelphia University and a Master of Science degree from New York University’s Real Estate Institute. In addition, Amy is an active volunteer for many non-profit associations. She co-chairs numerous events annually for the Parkinson’s Disease Foundation (PDF), a leading national presence in Parkinson’s disease research, education and public advocacy. In addition, she is one of the founding committee members for Rebuilding Together|SheBuilds, a powerful collaboration between Executive Women in the NYC real estate community. Women-led and women-focused, She Builds, promotes safe and healthy living conditions for women and families across New York City. 

Additional Information:
Urban Land Institute (ULI) Mentor, National Association of Professional Women (NAPW), Woman of Influence in Real Estate New Jersey (2007), noted in the Top Women in Real Estate 2015, Rebuilding Together|SheBuilds Committee Member, PDF Honoree 2015, and 2022 Big Brothers Big Sisters Honoree alongside Marty Berger (Silverstein) and AJ Camhi (RFR).
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Eva Schwartz

Head of Finance
Eva Schwartz is a longtime fiscal officer, with a career steeped in finance. Read more

Before joining MSM, she led the outsourced bookkeeping of multiple small businesses throughout the Tristate area. There she gained a firsthand understanding of, and responsibility for, the daily grind of business finances.

Eva is a critical, inquisitive thinker who journeys toward a decision rather than just arriving at one. She currently serves as MSM’s Head of Finance, where she oversees our entire portfolio, including budgeting, AR, and AP.

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Faye Weber

Junior Asset Manager
Faye Weber joined MSM Equities in 2016 as the company’s inaugural hire. Read more
Ever since, both MSM and Faye grew alongside, and thanks to, each other.
Faye remains a critical link in the firm/investor relationship, ensuring the open communication for which MSM is celebrated. As Junior Asset Manager, she also directs the reporting division on active assets under management.

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Hanna Ekstein

Property Administrator
Hanna Ekstein is how MSM dots its i’s and crosses its t’s. Read more
A diligent, exacting administrator, she monitors our portfolio’s AR and AP statuses with a keen eye, guaranteeing that vendors and investors alike are given their dues.

When we say our books are open to our investors, we mean it. And we know we can deliver on that promise thanks to Hanna’s obsessive accuracy and timeliness

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John Frisina

Acquisitions Associate
John Frisina participates in deal origination and is responsible for cash flow modeling and valuation of properties and portfolios, pipeline management, and acquisition due diligence for MSM Equities. Read more
John prepares and leads financial analysis, market analysis, and investment committee memoranda detailing investment rationale, execution risks, and prospective returns. John’s real estate experience includes three years as an Analyst and Transaction Associate at The Hampshire Companies, one of New Jersey’s leading commercial real estate developers. John led self-storage and industrial underwriting efforts at the firm, including joint venture partnership waterfalls, ground-up development modeling, and property due diligence. John also worked closely with executive management to close numerous acquisitions, refinancing transactions, and dispositions during his tenure at Hampshire. John holds a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Rutgers University and is an active member of the Rutgers Center for Real Estate Alumni Group.
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